Saturday, February 19, 2011


Once upon a time, there was an old man, living in a village far from the city. This old man was very much interested in keeping beautiful birds. One day he saw a beautiful bird for sale while passing by a bird-shop, so he decided to buy that bird. After a long discussion and bargains with the shopkeeper, the old man paid a lot of money for the mentioned bird.

The old man took the bird home and caged him immediately. The bird was caged for many years and was fed regularly with nutritious food. The bird was really bored of life, but he was heartily singing.

Some of the free birds used to come near to the caged bird and used to eat the feed scattered by the caged bird. One day the door of the cage was left open mistakenly. But the bird didn’t escape from his cage. He just came out played with other free birds, and then went back to his cage.

The wife of the old man saw this scene. She was quite surprised hence she narrated the story to her husband. This behavior of the bird shocked the old man too.

The old man quickly came to the caged bird and asked him, “why didn’t you run away from the cage?” the bird replied, “this was a good opportunity for me to prove my loyalty, you have been feeding me with good and nutritious food for the past so many years, and you are the one who is taking care of me, therefore I shouldn’t forget your sympathy and pities though you have deprived me of my freedom”

Moral of the story
Dear readers;

We human beings play different roles in our life such as a father, mother, sister, brother, son, friend, husband, wife etc. At every stage of life we receive and provide some sort of support to each other therefore we all are supposed to be loyal and stand by each other. And don’t forget the goodness of each other and don’t retaliate for a tiny unjust action of a friend/any relative.

Original story: Pashto language
Translated by; Barai Mobarez

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Building your career!

Dear reader, according to you; is it easy or hard to find out a perfect and unique job of your choice? And do you think you know yourself thoroughly? If the answer is yes, then you are perfect and don’t need any advice. Go ahead with whatever you do!!! And if the answer is no, then, you got to read my experience!

First of all let me tell you that knowing oneself is not easy. It may so happen that by the time you understand yourself it would have been too late.

Sometimes back I was thinking that choosing a career is pretty easy! Why? Because I thought of good income only nothing else and I thought that, it is the only reason why we are concerned about our careers and the future.
The job that paid me enough was the best for me.

I thought money is the sole means of happiness and satisfaction. I am not trying to say/prove that money is not good or money doesn’t pay off. As a matter of fact it was, it is and it will remain one of the most essential factors of human race satisfaction. It does work but for a very short period of time, I admit this.

In my point of views once your basic/physiological, safety and social needs are satisfied then you will realize that the kind of job/work you do doesn’t suit you (doesn’t not fulfill your esteem and self-actualization needs). And it will be a sort of disgusting and boring field you are in.

I myself knocked numerous doors and got plenty of firsthand experience from doing various jobs. And I finally came to know that yes, there has to be something special that can please and attract you apart from money, so that you get satisfied from whatever you do. Al though I had read various novels that said; “Do what you love!” but unfortunately I didn’t adopt this strategy.

And it is very true that you have to do whatever you love and success will follow you up. If you do things you don’t love you will be disheartened and disappointed very soon. And finally you will find yourself in the soup and realize that you have wasted some of your life’s precious time.

No one can succeed unless he/she has the consistency, resistance, stability of mind, perfect selection and last but not the least love and affection for what he/she does.

My experience says; please do things for your own sake not for anything/anyone else. Do whatever you love and no matter how small it may be.

Do something in which you think you are better than others. Success will follow you up, like your shadow does you.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Business Management

Many people interpret the concept of business management as an activity of buying and selling of goods only and perceive its objective as to increasing profits. Yes the interpretation is appropriate but to some extent, the word business management is not confined to buying, selling and profit making only.
There is another significant meaning to the word business management too. And it has got another important objective too. The word business implies: Any dilemma faced by people in any aspect of life and finding a solution to it is called business or in other words dealing with any issue is a business. And the word management implies using the best way of avoiding, solving and resolving that dilemma in a rational and calculated manner.
Some people wonder, why should someone study Business Management, since illiterate people own good businesses without even having any proper knowledge about it?
I would say that it is very simple to distinguish in between the functions and activities of an illiterate and a literate person. Here we are not merely talking about running a small, limited and inefficient business which is of course possible to be ran by any background of person but here we are rather talking about a well managed, administered, growing organizations, NGOs, Government bodies, companies, firms and industries, which in return generate a lot of employment to both professional and unprofessional people, increase the standard of living, tackle various local, national and international concerns of the people and society as a whole and also generate revenues (huge amount of taxes) to the government.
One will face numerous dilemmas and obstacles while operating in the above mentioned bodies hence solving of the dilemmas becomes a great concern and a serious business to the person in-charge, which really needs to be managed in order to stabilize and harmonize the environment.
The various problems and dilemmas may include: implementation of various developmental projects (communication, transportation, roads and rail networks, hospitals, irrigation system etc), poverty, gender discrimination, corruption, serious and epidemic diseases, illiteracy, unemployment, crimes, political and social unrest, economy slowdown, environmental issues etc.
So finding solutions to the above mentioned problems is not an easy task. And further more this giant system is not possible to be ran perfectly by an illiterate either hence business management becomes a vital element and a serious need of the hour.
Though every field has its own experts to tackle problems related to that field but beyond those expertise and experts there is still the need for a good administrator who can plan, organize, lead, control and implement the decision of the experts. Things go wrong if any entity is headed by an inefficient and indifferent administrator. So an efficient and effective administration does make a big difference and yields the desired outputs.
Even, when we have the objective of maximum profits making in certain circumstances, we do not merely mean to have huge amounts of profits with having less or no concern about the input (resources) at all, but what we mean by the objective of maximum profit is: optimal usage of resources and getting the best output from it (reducing waste as much as possible).
A small and limited business run by an illiterate businessman may make profits and may sustain for a longer period, no doubt at this, but it will never grow and expand its branches to the other parts of the country and international markets which is the ultimate goal of an intellectual businessman.
Someone might question me that there are many illiterate businessmen having worldwide investments and have giant businesses! How do they do it? I would still assert it. Yes they own the giant businesses but the fact still remains the same that they are run by professional and qualified personnel not by the illiterate themselves.
They still need intellectual executives and managers to provide conceptual, human and technical skills. They still need professional finance managers to manage their balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, ratio analysis and Cash flow statements. They still need professional HR managers to help them in their businesses growth by choosing the right, qualified and talented personnel, recruit, remunerate and retain the employees by using various human resources’ professional techniques, a few to mention. Without the help of the professionals the businesses will be extinct.
Further more a professional businessman is not concerned abut the profit only but also is concerned about the society and its people too. The aim isn’t huge amount of profit making only but is rather contributing something useful to the society too.
The various products developed by various talented people around the world that facilitated the life of all millions of human beings are the results of professionalism and education.

For better understanding of what business Administration courses impart to the undergraduates, I have summarized the main and sub-branches of a Business Administration degree bellow:

Management has four wide areas:
  1. Human Resources:
This field deals with managing of various dilemmas related to human beings. This field includes study of: Psychology, sociology, Human Resources Management, Individual and Society, Organizational Behavior, labor law, industrial law, international law, ethics, soft skills (behavioral and attitudinal), effective communication, case Analysis and etc.
  1. Finance:
This field deals with managing of various financial and economic transactions. This field includes study of: Microeconomic, Macroeconomic, managerial economic, Accounting, financial Management, Cost accounting, Management Accounting, taxation, capital market, entrepreneur project and etc.
  1. Production:
This field deals mainly with the production of various products in a business. With the help of this knowledge managers can decide how to produce the various products required? How to reduce waste while producing? And many more things like that. This field includes the study of various subjects such as Mathematics, Logic, Quantitative method, statistic, Operation management, management information system etc.
  1. Marketing:
This is the field wherein mangers need to find out the right customers for their products as well as forecast the future demand and many more activities that are related to market. This field includes study of: Business research method, Advertisement, sales and promotional management, retail management, strategic management, business law, business ethics etc.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Conserve the nature and its resources?

In fact we human beings can do anything; we can destroy as well as build hence we are the only creatures who are the most responsible for conserving the environment. What we need to do is very simple, just to reduce, reuse and recycle what ever we consume. The fact is that we consume a lot, and greed just keeps growing and growing.

No time is late and no small change is less. Drops make an ocean, so let’s start it from our selves only. There is a saying which says that, “self improvement paves the path for national improvement”.


1) First: we need to control excessive consumption of water at our homes so that we can have fresh water for the future generations. We should teach our mothers, sisters, brothers, maids and all neighbors to use water as less as possible while taking bath, washing cloths, dishes, etc.

2) Second: we need to ovoid littering our surroundings. We should know what are degradable and what non-degradable wastes are and reduce them accordingly. We need to reduce the trashes, and if possible make a decomposition-plant at our neighborhood so that all the degradable can be decomposed over there.

3) Third: we need to reduce our consumption. By doing so we will conserve the non-renewable natural resources of the environment. We have to reduce, reuse and recycle natural resources like metal , iron, steel, minerals, fuel…etc

4) Fourth: we need to avoid deforestation, the trees are protecting us from many natural disasters such as wind cyclone, water storms, land erosion etc, as well as provide us various fruits and also keep the environment clean and beautiful.

5) Fifth: we need to control population growth. If we keep bearing and giving births to children then there would be a lot of pressure on natural resources and in result there would be a huge scarcity of everything. The food prices will go up, there wouldn’t be any clean and fresh water for drinking and the forests would be cut off and instead homes and houses would be reconstructed which will lead to land erosion, dirty climate, noise pollution, water pollution and etc.

6) Sixth: stop mining that leads to a lot of difficulties. The land loses its fertility. The air gets polluted and chemicals are causing normal life of people and many things more.

7) Seven: stop damming of flowing water. It causes the natural cycle. The rivers bring rich soil with them which is further useful for the crops that farmers grow them on their lands. River distributes fresh water to the people of remote areas and so on.

8) Eight: stop excessive fishing and hunting of wild life. The natural cycle will get disturbed by eliminating any class member of the cycle.

I have mentioned very few and basic things that can have a great impact on the natural environment. Lets promise to reduce, reuse and recycle what ever we do till the end of our life.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I want Freedom

God has given me so much but,
I have nothing to sustain
I am sighing, I am weeping
I want freedom from recession

There is nothing that can cheer me
Bring me joys and relaxation
I am always like a dumb thereto,
I want freedom from depression

I am harassed and enslaved
And am treated like a toy
For the pleasure of the misers
I want freedom from oppression

I am coming from a cage where I was nurtured with mercy
And now living in a cage where I am brutalized and thereafter
Am laid in cage where I am interrogated for my doings, hence
I want freedom from confession

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anger Management

What can you do about your anger? To know about its adverse impacts and the ways to heal it, read out the project bellow, which I had prepared for myself.

1. What are the effects of anger?

Well, before I answer this question I would like to define anger first.
What is Anger? Anger is a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. There are two contributed factors for anger such as internal and external environments.

The effects of anger are generally divided in to two, they are as follows;
• Physiological effects
• Psychological/ emotional/mental effects

• The followings are the physiological effects of anger;

i. Loss of appetite / indigestibility problems
ii. High blood pressure
iii. Headache
iv. Restlessness/loss of sleep (insomnia)

• Psychological/ emotional/mental effects
i. Tears
ii. Aggressiveness
iii. Negative thought or perceptions
iv. Loss of wisdom/mental problems
v. Confusion
vi. Loss of good decision making ability
vii. Depression
viii. Madness/insaneness
ix. Displacement
x. Revenge
xi. Stubbornness
xii. Over-emotional
xiii. Tension
xiv. Violence

2. Should anger be managed? Why?

The consequences of anger are very adverse and even sometimes life threatening, usually people who are always angry at some or the other thing like; why so and so person did this thing to me?, why I was not recognized?, why people are talking about me? No one loves me!, jealousy etc, tend to displace it by starting fighting, firing bad words or insulting someone, smoking, drinking alcohol and etc, which will put them in more depression instead of freeing or relieving them from this trauma, and will finally commit suicide or murder someone else innocent.

Apart from the above mentioned addictions, they also become vulnerable against many diseases due to loss of resistance system of their body and get abnormalcy state. The joys of the life are gone merely because you don’t like something, can’t adapt to the situations or can’t change your thinking process.

If you would like to have a happy life, you need to perceive everything in a positive manner, be always optimistic and flexible, mingle with people, and accept yourself as well as others, whatever they are and whatever they are doing.

In fact this is life; we need to adapt to its ups and downs and get pleasure from every moment of it. There is a saying which says that, “no pain no gain” is quite appropriately applicable to our life, if we don’t suffer, how will we know the sweet taste of happiness and joys? In fact these are difficulties and sorrows that make happiness more colorful and make it real happiness.

3. What incidents make me angry?

The incidents that are really making me angry are; delay or cancellation of a flight, carelessness of a person, irrational reasoning, mess in my room, at home or even in the classroom or college. And further more I am getting angry at those friends or relatives who don’t get ready fast, while going to college or somewhere else. I hate late goings.

4. Mostly whom I am angry at?

I would say most of the times I am angry at myself and then at human race’s cruelties, oppressions and the way they embrace various religions or other superstitious activities.

5. Besides angry, what does the situation make me feel?
I resent while some teachers exaggerate corporate life’s requirements (qualifications) and underestimate students’ knowledge. It makes me feel illiterate.

I dislike seniors who don’t take the consent of the juniors. It makes me feel voiceless or deprived of my rights.

6. What have I learnt, regarding anger?

I have learnt about anger and its adverse impacts on human beings’ physiological and psychological/emotional/mental processes, as well as how to control and channelise and manage it.

Our minds can not function properly while we are angry, and further more we cant make rational and wise decision while we are angry weather at ourselves or at someone else, in result we may land up somewhere in a deep ditch of dirt, which is going to be a moment of deep grief and depression.

7. How have I change? What is my new way of dealing with life?
In fact our automatic thinking leads us to feelings; hence if we have negative thinking about anything, our feelings would be definitely negative and eventually will get angry at that particular thing. If we try to find out the truth behind that action, then based on that truth we can change our thinking and henceforth we can change our feelings.

For example: I have had hatred about someone for a very long period of time and I always used to say about him that; why he fool is like this? But now I have got the remedy to it.

I pondered deeply into this situation and tried to find out the facts and truths involved in this matter, eventually I found out the truth that he is brought up like this which is a situational case, so he is no more responsible for being so.

Then I stopped to hat him, because I found the truth and he is not to be blamed, for that was the situational and raising part of his life that caused and made him this way. Now I am simply repeatedly saying; it would be nice if he was not like this. And also repeat that it would be nice if I don’t blame him, because this is not his fault.

Note: Among five angers the most hazardous anger is the abstract anger (always angry at yourself and the source of anger is not known), which is really very difficult to cure. We need to be very careful about our anger that can cause our health and take away our joys and happiness if we don’t control it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Financial crisis

Recently I went through the economic and news reports of some of the economic institutions and organizations such as South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), World Bank, European Union, Asian development bank, International monetary fund and Federal Open Market Committee and I found that the overall economy is slumped.

All nations suffer in some or the other way from the financial crisis with some variations depending up on the economic policies of that country. Some accuse the capitalism for these economic crisis and some blame financial institutions and their policies for being so apathetic and unvigilant in their activities.

I would also be somewhat in the favor of blaming capitalism; I don’t know that how long the world’s hungry businessmen will continue their greedy quests for growth in their businesses and wealth. In my point of view this perpetual growth is very destructive in long term even though they do facilitate and modernize today’s life of the people.

As we know according to the classical theory which says that, “supply creates demand” is correct but only for unsought and luxury products only I suppose, the basic and necessary commodities like food, medicine and things like that have their own demand even if they are not produced and supplied, because we human beings are alive by consuming them.

On the other hand the Keynesian theory states that, “demand has its own life” is also correct because once a persons needs are satisfied he/she may not buy or seek to demand that particular item. I will justify it with a simple example; suppose you are neither hungry nor thirsty as well as have no appetite for taking anything, so will you be willing to spend money on anything edible? Absolutely not, you will not buy anything until and unless you become hungry, so this is what demand has its life.

I am quite confused when I hear perpetual growth and development, increase in production and things like that around the world from every single business and businessman. Don’t they think that how long will this growth of everything continue and how long will they be selling all the things in increasing manner not even in an even and stable manner.

Definitely one day it will face recession and trough due to the completion of demand. That day is exactly today; it had come once in the near past, and will definitely be coming in the future too. The economy itself will recover when the people consume bought products and or the products become obsolete, thereafter people will tend to buy.