Friday, March 1, 2019

Participation of Undergraduate Youths in the Decision making Process and Local Governance, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan


This research is conducted in Kandahar province situated in the southern part of Afghanistan. Kandahar province, due to its strategic location plays a vital role in the economy and politics of Afghanistan. Considering its role in the politics and economy of the country makes this study more essential for policy-makers and further researches. The focus of this research has been on the participation of the undergraduate youths in the decision-making process at the local governance level. The scope of the research is limited to Kandahar Province only. The research is descriptive research in nature and uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The primary data is collected by using questionnaire and unstructured personal interviews and the secondary data involves desk research comprising books, articles, reports, and newsletters. The findings of this study show that perception of the majority of undergraduate youths regarding their future role in the decision-making process at local governance in Kandahar province is positive though their current role in the decision-making process at local governance level is vague and weak. It is believed that the current government led by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has paid some attention to the inclusion of youths in the government which is a sign of hope for the youths. The creation of youths’ parliament and National Youth Policy are some of the achievements of the current government in promoting youths’ participation. The youths believed that the current rapid development of the world has a significant impact on the behavior of the governments in developing countries. Illiterate warlords and tribal leaders will ultimately lose their power and will be overtaken by the youths in the years to come.

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