Friday, April 20, 2018

Few accepted, more rejected

Few accepted, more rejected
Life was not, so well projected

I would watch, and gaze the way
In the hope, that wait will pay

Thousands beauties, being around
Wouldn’t quench, the quest unfound

I go mad, sometimes insane
When I feel, that stroke and pain

Eyes would look, for you in miles
Just to see, the healing smiles

Soul and brain, began in racing
Heart would never, stop embracing

Tongue would stutter, eyes stop blinking
As I see you, nerves go shrinking

Chappy lips with thirsty feelings
Need some mercy, and some healings

Never felt before the same
Since I saw you like the flame

I would choose to go and dwell
Should you want me, go to hell

Happy face with pretty smile
Strong and lengthy like the Nile

I don’t know, if you could read me
Write me, draw me, and could heed me

No more peaceful sleeps are mine
Since I’ve seen this beauty fine

Barai Mobarez
Punjab, India


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