Saturday, April 14, 2018

I was angel, of my dad

I was angel, of my dad
So much better, than a lad
He the hero, of my world  
I just loved him, like a mad

In the season, of the spring
Birds and children, used to sing
Noisy stream, behind the hills
Budding trees, were moving swing

All the animals, were grazing
Mountains, pastures, were amazing
Life is blessing, in our village
Shepherd said to lord, by praising

Onion, water, with stale bread
Were the livelihood, for head
Nothing more, beyond imagined
These were things, to which we fed

In the middle of the night
Stars were shining, looking bright
Stories told by our grannie
Taught us morale and the right

One day came an ugly guy
Spoiled joys, no one knew why?
From this soil, like the heaven
Looted things and told us lie      

No more things, remained the same
Beauty faded, with her fame  
Village ruined, people slaughtered
Orphan added to my Name

Barai Mobarez
Punjab, India


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