Monday, October 5, 2009

I want Freedom

God has given me so much but,
I have nothing to sustain
I am sighing, I am weeping
I want freedom from recession

There is nothing that can cheer me
Bring me joys and relaxation
I am always like a dumb thereto,
I want freedom from depression

I am harassed and enslaved
And am treated like a toy
For the pleasure of the misers
I want freedom from oppression

I am coming from a cage where I was nurtured with mercy
And now living in a cage where I am brutalized and thereafter
Am laid in cage where I am interrogated for my doings, hence
I want freedom from confession


zerasbeth said...

so.,u r composing poems too.,.u haven't told me.,.but.,anyways.,.it's nice.,.,very, rhyme.,.,heheh.,keep it up

Barai Mobarez said...

thank you for your nice compliment. yes i do that too... actually i love composing poems....especially in my native language (Pashto.

in English this is just the beginning i even don't know if i can!

Barai Mobarez said...
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