Monday, October 12, 2009

Conserve the nature and its resources?

In fact we human beings can do anything; we can destroy as well as build hence we are the only creatures who are the most responsible for conserving the environment. What we need to do is very simple, just to reduce, reuse and recycle what ever we consume. The fact is that we consume a lot, and greed just keeps growing and growing.

No time is late and no small change is less. Drops make an ocean, so let’s start it from our selves only. There is a saying which says that, “self improvement paves the path for national improvement”.


1) First: we need to control excessive consumption of water at our homes so that we can have fresh water for the future generations. We should teach our mothers, sisters, brothers, maids and all neighbors to use water as less as possible while taking bath, washing cloths, dishes, etc.

2) Second: we need to ovoid littering our surroundings. We should know what are degradable and what non-degradable wastes are and reduce them accordingly. We need to reduce the trashes, and if possible make a decomposition-plant at our neighborhood so that all the degradable can be decomposed over there.

3) Third: we need to reduce our consumption. By doing so we will conserve the non-renewable natural resources of the environment. We have to reduce, reuse and recycle natural resources like metal , iron, steel, minerals, fuel…etc

4) Fourth: we need to avoid deforestation, the trees are protecting us from many natural disasters such as wind cyclone, water storms, land erosion etc, as well as provide us various fruits and also keep the environment clean and beautiful.

5) Fifth: we need to control population growth. If we keep bearing and giving births to children then there would be a lot of pressure on natural resources and in result there would be a huge scarcity of everything. The food prices will go up, there wouldn’t be any clean and fresh water for drinking and the forests would be cut off and instead homes and houses would be reconstructed which will lead to land erosion, dirty climate, noise pollution, water pollution and etc.

6) Sixth: stop mining that leads to a lot of difficulties. The land loses its fertility. The air gets polluted and chemicals are causing normal life of people and many things more.

7) Seven: stop damming of flowing water. It causes the natural cycle. The rivers bring rich soil with them which is further useful for the crops that farmers grow them on their lands. River distributes fresh water to the people of remote areas and so on.

8) Eight: stop excessive fishing and hunting of wild life. The natural cycle will get disturbed by eliminating any class member of the cycle.

I have mentioned very few and basic things that can have a great impact on the natural environment. Lets promise to reduce, reuse and recycle what ever we do till the end of our life.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that these are all important actions that everybody should take to conserve the environment, it's easier said than done. Environmental issues get complicated when politics is involved. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing. Have you heard of Asia Chronicle News? They have some good in-depth news analyses on the political issues facing Asian countries, some of which could be linked to environmental issues. Worth a read I think.

Anonymous said...

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