Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Can you imagine how big achievement it is? Certainly no one expected this much but it made it! The real story of the film which really depicts the real life of the slums reflected and turned into reality itself. The poor residents of Mumbai’s slums (one of the biggest slum in Asia) who have never dreamed of even having a proper meal and place to live are now celebrating their success at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California. By winning eight-Oscar-awards this film made a history in the field of Indian cinema (Bollywood)

81st Annual academy awards of Oscar 2009
Categories in which Slumdog Millionaire wins
Best film
Best director (Danny Boyle)
Best original score A R Rahman
Best original song A R Rahman, Sampooran Singh Gulzar
Best sound mixing Resul Pookutty, In Tapp, Richard Pryke
Best adapted screenplay
Best cinematography
Best editing

But this remarkable achievement is not done by voluptuous, sexy, beautiful actresses and handsome and brand ambassador actors. This all is done by profound thinking, hardworking, simplicity and reality. And further more I would like to add that the real heroes are not those who are seen in a film on the screen but the real heroes are behind the scene that think and work hard to make a film successful. The real heroes are the directors, singers, composers, editors etc.

You may think that I am not right but this film has proved it, and we are witnessing that it made a great success without known and famous actors and actresses. If there had been any famous actress and actor many would certainly have associated the success of the film with them. This is the misperception of many of us who don’t know the reality.

For decades Indian cinema has focused only in artificial, exaggerating and boasting sexy girls and boys with the so-called still unaccepted love and family tales. I am not emphasizing that there should be hundred per cent reality stories and films depicting real life of the society and its people, but what I mean to say is to have at least some thing that can inspire to some extent the hopeless, depressed, hesitant and reluctant members of the society. And give them a chance to boost and bloom the new generation.

Of course all types of films are required for a society in order to entertain the people. A blend of all colors will make it more colorful. But point to be noted is that meaningful films will have an edge over the others and those which are having negative impact on morals and defect the rituals and norms of a society will not help but will make it worse and worse, because our children are learning through observation (social learning theory). They learn what they see.

The things which are morally and ethically unacceptable will be planted in the minds of our youth and the crimes’ (killing, kidnapping, blackmailing, raping, molestation…etc) rate will keep increasing which will have disastrous consequences.

Today millions of people around the world are watching and observing Indian cinema, So Indians need to innovate and create new ways of making films. And now it is time for Indian cinema to think globally not locally and nationally. This is a great chance as well as challenge for Indian cinema!


Bashir Ahmad Gwakh said...

Salamona Maiwandwal Saib, It is great to see your blog. I wish you pay attention to issues that matters to Afghans and Afghanistan. Since you are in India, you could better analyze the situation regarind Afghans in India. I heard lots of complain about Afghan embassy in India and their discrimination. I would love to see some teasing post about Afghan embassy in India and the Afghan-indian and Pakistan realtions.


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

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