Saturday, December 27, 2008

What are Consumerism and waste production?

To start with the topic I would like to define the followings;
Þ Consumer; A consumer is someone who consumes anything that is required by him.
Þ Consumerism; Consumerism refers to the process of consuming anything available in the world.
Þ Waste product; Waste product is the product which is thrown after a short-period of time usage.

What are the problems and causes of consumerism and waste product?
Today’s perpetual growth causes the following problems;
Þ Destructive in the long-run to the environment
Þ A contributing factor to the poverty around the world and
Þ Numerous other social and ecological problems

Today’s many products produced are luxurious and are non-degradable which takes years to be decomposed. A high rate of consumption leads to pollution and waste product.

Today’s 20% of the world richest consume 86% of the world’s total resources. In my point of views the 86% of the resources won’t be consumed properly by only 20% of the population, so in result there would be waste products as they are consuming and then throwing them away after a short-period of time usage, and finally such kind of process lead to pollution and environmental problems.

At the same time it is inequality as well. The resources are not divided properly among people; they are neither saved nor consumed properly. Due to economic growth, migration is also taking place every where in the world. Many people move from one country to another country and from rural areas to urban areas, in order to improve and have a high standard of living.

This migration of people causes of slums in the cities, different types of pollution and pressure on natural resources such as land, water, food and other resources. In fact the three factors such as population, technology and consumption are responsible for the environment.

How to solve these problems?
Well, in my point of views if we do the following things, we will have a prosperous and bright future;

Þ Population; we need to control population growth. This is the very basic and important step to be taken into consideration. Laws are to be passed for the prevention of population growth.
Þ Consumption; once we control population growth, the consumption rate would fall down itself, beyond this, still we have to control more the consumption rate by passing some laws.
Þ Technology; we should stop at this stage some of the irrelevant and unimportant products, in order to stabilize the environment. Why do we have to have weapons, different kinds and models of vehicles and many more things like that?

If we enable to do so, so we would be contributing to two major things:

Þ Environment; we would conserve the nature and its resources, so the coming generations can live in peace and enjoy it. Beyond sentient creatures, everything else in the nature has its own intrinsic value, and rights of being staying as a vital component of the nature.
Þ Poverty; we would help those who live under absolute poverty by distributing every thing equally and not consuming a high rate of resources. Beyond of equal distribution and less consuming, we should reuse, recycle and even stop and save, using some of scarce and non-renewable resources in order to avoid waste products.

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