Saturday, December 27, 2008

An analysis of a Hindi Movie (Rab Ni Bana Di Jori)

According to me this is one the most superior movies of its time, story wise. I am not considering any other aspect (characters, music etc) of the movie but only the story. This movie is really worth watching, due to its strong and important message about the family problems. For we have got many family problems growing up at a high rate in these years.

Meanwhile I should not forget that some of the people might get psychologically affected by watching this movie, due to the unloving wife’s characters and falling in love with an outsider. This will increase the untrustworthiness in some families who have been experiencing family problems and at the same time it will help people to reduce them and let each other understand their needs and problems.

Briefly the story of this movie teaches us the followings;

1.How misunderstanding and misperception take place in our life?

Well, we all human beings differ from each other in terms of natural characteristics such as boldness to demonstrate what ever he/she wants, shyness (not being able to dare to demonstrate), hobbies, liking of things, disliking of things, eating, drinking, looking at things, thoughts (opinions) and many more. But still we can adopt and adjust ourselves with different environments.

So if we in our life don’t understand each other’s needs and problems we will not be having a prosperous life. We need to adjust with the environment where we live. The misunderstanding and misperception take place where we emphasize only in our own way of thinking and doing things and not sharing them with our partners. By sharing we can reduce misunderstanding and misperception.

2.How infidelity grows and its reasons?
Infidelity takes place where the needs of a person are not satisfied inside, so he or she tends to look outside for some one who can satisfy his or her needs. Again I would refer to sharing, because this is the only way we can understand each other’s needs.

In the movie the husband understands his wife’s needs but she doesn’t understand his needs and problems.

3.How much the mindset of the new generation has been changed?
This is for sure true that the simplicity of yesteryears’ has not been the same. Things’ as well as human beings’ characteristics keep changing and will continue to the future. But we still have a number of people who are still simple and like the way they are, may be they are timid or dislike the new living styles. So we got to respect them and understand their needs. The thinks that they can not demonstrate, we got to help them.

4.How and what kind of decision should be made while facing such kind of problems?
This is one of the most crucial and a very delicate part of life whether in family, society or any organization where we work. A wise decision will save us and an unwise decision will destroy us. In fact a good decision making is not easy and it requires much patience to be implemented.

So in this movie the husband despite of understanding that his wife doesn’t love him, he was still patient and tolerated because he understood her special needs. And he step by step made a very wise decision, which saved a family from a disaster.

So finally I would like to conclude it by saying that, that the story of this movie teaches us that we need to understand each other’s special needs, respect each other, love each other, be loyal to each other, make wise decision and the last but not the least have great patience and pity on each other. To relate the analysis you need to watch this movie!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mobarez,

First, I'd like to congratulate you on the fantastic analysis about the movie "Rab Ni Banadi Jodi".

Secondly, I've watched the movie almost 10 times since it was released. And I found it the best story. A story that any family could have, a story that happens almost everywhere, where a modern girl weds a villager type boy,whose everything differ between the two of them as you've mentioned in your wordings respectively and very beautifully....
I really like the way you've elaborated about the salvation from such familial problems, specially between the soul-mates, that's sharing the circumstances, needs, and problems they are facing or dealing with everyday, every minute and every moment, that could easily lead the JODI/couple to a disaster.

As much as I love the movie, I like your words as well.

Thank you and stay always elaborative.

All The Very Best,
Hamayoon Osmani

Barai Mobarez said...

Thank you very much dear Mr. Hamayoon Jan for the comment! Your beautiful words energized me and encouraged me to continue with my hobby of writing. Cheers!!

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