Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Development or Disaster!

Today’s aggressive development in various fields causes sadness and depression, the joys of simple life are gone. The social loafing and mingling with people is stagnant. Day and night hardworking becomes a fashion and passion of the people. The gap in between generations is widening due to westernization and Americanization’s impacts through media and other channels.

Free moment of people, liberalization, privatization and deregulation are good but for few days, the long-run would be hazardous and disastrous. TV, radio, internet, mobile phones, computers, and things like these were created to benefit and facilitate people but they turned to be adversely affecting human beings lives and natural environment.

You might have heard that how much the so-called toxic technology such as computer, mobile phones and internet and so on are harmful and contribute amply to the global warming and environmental pollution in large. Of course they have facilitated us but point to be noted is; these all facilities are for short-run not long-run.

I wonder that how much the industries would like to produce. For how long they are going to go ahead and expect every day high growth (especially unsought and luxury goods) and when they are going to be satisfied? Every thing has got a limit and we should maintain an equal balance of the things we do over here. But I thing we have already crossed the limit and almost destroyed the natural cycle.

Bryan Walsh, in a Time magazine article, notes that, “80% of Americans toss their obsolete gizmos into the trash .... Every day Americans throw out more than 350,000 cell phones and 130,000 computers, making electronic waste the fastest-growing part of the U.S. garbage stream.”

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